Company Profile

KERNTEC staff expertise lies in the assessment, mitigation and control of both chemical and biological agents in structures that are either compromising the asset, or harming occupants. KERNTEC experience and qualifications include the stabilization and restoration of properties damaged by hurricane, earthquake and/or fire. KERNTEC teams with other contractors to manage high-hazard construction remediation efforts involving chemical agents, biological hazards, or projects warranting increased safety support and guidance. KERNTEC's staff includes engineers, geologists, architects, contractors, industrial hygienists, safety professionals, technicians and trades workers with decades of experience relevant to controlling and/or removing harmful chemical and biological agents in the built environment. 

KERNTEC staff have clients that include municipalities, attorneys, insurance adjusters, developers, property owners and property managers, DOD contractors and general contractors, facility operators, and industrial operations. KERNTEC also assists residential communities and associations.