KERNTEC Construction is a licensed General Engineering Contractor (GEN-A) with a hazardous classification (HAZ). When clients need specialized assistance mitigating chemical hazards, such as explosive dust or gases, or biological hazards such as mold or bacterial contamination, or disaster cleanup and restoration, KERNTEC can quickly respond with pragmatic and cost-effective solutions to maintain asset value and minimize downtime while mitigating the hazard.

KERNTEC Construction efforts are often very specific, i.e., mitigate chemical-biological hazards and make the site safe for the general contractor and sub-contractors.

KERNTEC Construction offers unique experience in the cleanup, demolition and restoration of properties damaged by hurricane, earthquake and/or fire. KERNTEC will stabilize and secure sites damaged by hurricane, earthquake, and/or fire to mitigate risks of future losses and/or hazards to others in the community. Many structures constructed prior to 1980 contain hazardous materials (e.g., asbestos, lead-based paint, PCBs, mercury, and similar substances) that must be safely mitigated during demolition and site cleanup. KERNTEC will safety remove these materials in conjunction with non-hazardous construction wastes and mitigate site hazards and risks to property owners.

KERNTEC Construction offers specialized experience in the design, permitting and construction of super-insulated, high-performance homes, cabins and ranches in remote areas (mountains and deserts), and equipping the structures with off-grid power and communication systems.